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This site contains infromation for travelling people about Lake Baikal - the biggest lake in the world with clean water, beautiful nature around, wild forests and mountains.

Click to enlarge. Photo by Hafis Yahin. It is located in Siberia, Russia. And you can easily get there and see beautiful landscapes of unexplored wilderness.

This site was developed by Rashit Yahin who lives here since 1974. For the last 12 years Rashit dedicated himself to helping people who are looking for the natural treasures of the North Baikal region. His name and address are mentioned in different guide books, including "Russia, Ukraine & Belarus", by Lonely Planet:

"Another useful contact is Rashit Yakhin
(tel: 30139-21560, ) who worked as a guide for many foreigners until suffering a stroke. He can still arrange trips and homestays".

"Russia, Ukraine & Belarus", 2-nd edition page 641.

See our Information / Guidebooks section with the list of other guidebooks about North Baikal region.

Click to enlarge. Photo by Hafis Yahin. Now Yahin is retired but still helps people visiting the North Baikal area. Contact him directly for any additional information: .

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