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Guide books

Here is the list of guide books that almost all people who come to the North Baikal region bring with them. Click on the titles to see more information for each book (links are opened in new windows).

"Siberian BAM Guide - rail, rivers and road".
by Athol Yates & Nicholas Zvegintzov
(Formerly "Siberian BAM Railway Guide")

Quote :

"BAMTour is the best-known company organizing tours on the BAM and in the north Lake Baikal region. Director Rashit Yahin is one of the longest-standig residents in Severobaikalsk, having worked on the railway in the early 1970s and is Editorial Consultant on the guide. Contact Rashit Yahin at BAMTour Company, 671717 Severobaikalsk, ul. Oktyabrya 16-2, tel/fax: +7-30139-21560, rashit.yahin@usa.net".

Lonely Planet "Russia, Ukraine & Belarus"
2-nd edition
by Ryan Ver Berkmoes, et al
Published in 2000

Quote (page 641):

"Another useful contact is Rashit Yakhin(tel: 30139-21560, yahin@usa.net) who worked as a guide for many foreigners until suffering a stroke. He can still arrange trips and homestays".

"Trans-Siberian Handbook"
5-th edition
by Bryn Thomas, et al
Published in 2001

Quote (page 248):

"BAMTour (tel/fax 30139-21560, e-mail: rashit.yahin@usa.net, 671717 Severobaikalsk, ul.Oktyabrya 16-2) is a recommended company organizing tours on the BAM and in the north Lake Baikal region. It's run by Rashit Yakhin who worked on the railway in the yealy 1970s".



Contact Rashit Yahin for more information: