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Trekking 3 day and Rafting 7 day on the rivers Ilovir, Levaya Minya, Bolshaya Minya and Minya. Return back from river Minya to the settlement Magistralny, then by railway to Severobaikalsk (about 3 hours of railway).

1-3 d.

You get by train N 5227 at 7-10 local time to "Davan" station (about one hour). Then you are trekking for 3 days till you meet Ilovir river. Route is not difficult if you are taking part of catamaran!

Route begins from Davan; it is up the road along the river Goudzhekit till the base of geologists, then between the lakes which are feeding the river Gramna. Path from river Okunaika along the river Ilchir comes the pass (it is no a pass nothing but flowers and Alpine Meadows!) and you are going to the river Ilovir.

The valley - nothing but Iceland/reindeer moss fields!

4-5 d.

Rafting begins from cascade of waterfalls then obstacles for any taste! River Ilovir (length is 15 km) falls into the river Levaya Minya. River Ilovir is simpler but rapids are also.

6 d.

Character of the forest changed sharply. The larch disappeared without trace but appeared poplar. Instead of Iceland/reindeer moss appeared juicy grass and fern also bog-moss. It is a pleasure to go mount opposite mouth of Ukuchikta - excellent views, your way is on gigantic stone plates resembling ancient pangolin. The river is broad quiet with great number of turquoise pools. After there meeting with river Bolshaya Minya. Night camp.

7 d.

After meeting Levaya Minya with Bolshaya Minya it is possible to catch "Lenok". Bolshaya Minya flows sufficiently quickly single river-bed in very picturesque mountain valley. After 3 hours of meetings Minya it is possible to stay against brook "Bodopadny" - it is really waterfall! Fishing is good. An old prospect-hole of gold-miners is disposed here.

8 d.

Character of the river don't change - sufficiently quickly flow, very beautiful. We stayed at meeting of Malyaya Minya after 3 hours after departure, have a dinner. On the shore a lot of tracks of the bear in cedar trees. We stayed at the brook Cedar on the right shore after hour. Good fishing.

9 d.

Valley of the river broadens, a lot of branches appeared - it is better to move in field of direct vision, the river begins strongly dodge. Mountains after 6 hours of moving are left - you couldn't view them behind the trees, the river has almost plain view. It is very difficult to define the main stream but appear true sand canyons and rock exits. We stayed on right side of the former river-bed, oppsite is hut.

10 d.

The river flows in one stream but big Islands and small shingle sandbars appear. After 3.5 hours we have met on the left side found the big cordon (inhabited). After 2.5 hours we saw a automobile bridge - the ending of the rafting route. You can stay about 500 meter from the bridge on the right side. We finished on moving the bridge.

11 d. - return back to Severobaikalsk by train N 5228 at 20-15.


1. You shall follow your route by a guide. The interesting route of III-IV Class along the rivers Ilovir - Levaya Minya - Bolshaya Minya - Minya, the rafting part is about 160 km!

2. It is possible to make tour on 4-place catamaran or 6-place catamaran, depends on number of tourists. You shall have a life-belt.

3. Optimum dates are: 1 June, 15 June, 30 June, 15 July, 30 July, 15 August, 30 August, 15 September, 30 September.

   Groups:            1 pax, 2 pax, 3 pax, 4 pax, 5 pax.
   Service team:      guide, guide, guide, guide,  guide
   Price per person:  $1111,  $617,  $467,  $388,   $341
Prices include all services: transportation, meals, guide, commission for tour operator and travel agency.

Prices don't include your personal gear: tents, rugs, sleeping bags, bedding.

Also you prepare your food; it is good to have your own gas-stove and gas-cylinder (or benzine stove and benzine), and kitchen utensils. You also to have a fishing-tackle if you are fisherman!

Fredrik from Sweden on 8.09.2002 (e-mail: ---@telia.com):
> will there be meny mosquitos on these tours, thats something
> to try to awoid, from some of my stay in russia i know
> they can ruin your vacation.

I recommend for defence from mosquitos to use protect gauze. Also it is absolutely necessary to follow instructions of Patricia Ormsby (Japan) to protect you from bites of tic; see her article on encephalitis.



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