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Trekking tour: settlement Nizneangarsk - Chivyrkuisky Bay - settlement Ust-Barguzin.

1 day

Transfer from Severobaikalsk till Nizhneangarsk by the cars. First you to cross with catamaran the river Kichera, exit to the eastern side of Lake Baikal possible to do on Yarki Island (14 km, see map 2). You are cross with catamaran: 2 two hundred branches of river Verkhyaya Angara, Yarki Islands have the full length of 20 km and width of about 50 meters, there are birch trees. Island Milliony is the begin of ornithological reserve created here for defence of birds in the delta of the river Verkhyaya Angara. You reach Dagar Bay. Stop for the night about "sar" - it means shed. About 30 km.

2 day

The paths are very difficult, you go on shore. Today you cross with catamaran the river Frolikha. Stop for the night about the river Frolikha, in the right side. About 24 km.

3 day

You move to Frolov Cape (see map 2) then to Lakanda Cape (see map 8), came to the Ayaya Bay (see the map 8); there catamaran will be waiting for you. Stop for the night about Ayaya Bay. About 15 km.

4 day

You visit Frolikha lake. Catamaran will stay at Ayaya Bay. Stop for the night about Ayaya Bay.

5 day

Best way to reach the Cape Tucalaragdy when you are going from Ayaya Bay to the south corner just after crossing little river then 15 minutes ascent by the path, there is larch trees and creep-trees - the path comes to middle of spur; after that the path follow on descent in the larch forest, after 1.5 - 2 hours you found yourself on the shore of lake Baikal in mouth of tiny brook Tucalaragda - very interesting that a water above ice is kept till the end of July (see map 8, there is a little hunting hut)! You are reaching Khakusy sanatorium by shore. Stop for the night about the Khakusy Bay. About 16 km.

6 day

It is 4 km of beach, on the south it stops by rocky columns of Aman-Kit Cape. Here it is good to move by water in the catamaran to the Cape Turaly (5 km), there is one of the most beautiful places on the eastern coastline of Lake Baikal - "singing" dune! There is very high path about Cape Organon!

You reach the river Shirilda, cross it with catamaran, you trek till gydro-meteological station Tompa. Stop for the night about About 30 km.

7 day

You cross the rivers Topuda (see the map 8) and Shegnanda (see the map 12) with catamaran. After the Shegnanda river there is good horse path to mouth of the river Irinda, much better to use it, reach the Cape Galandikit. Stop for the night about Cape Galandikit. About 28 km.

8 day

You trek to the Cape Urbinan and Cape Birakan. Stop for the night about Cape Birakan. About 26 km.

9 day

You trek on the shore till turn to the lake Losinoe and back to the shore. Stop for the night about the path to lake Losinoe. About 8 km.

10 day

You cross the rivers Kabanya (see map 12), Bolshaya (see map 16) with catamaran then you trek till the Cape Cherny. From the Kabanya river till the village Davsha you can meet at any moment bear! Stop for the night about Cape Cherny. About 30 km.

11 day

You visit the village Davsha, cross the rivers Turkuli and Sosnovka with catamaran; then you reach the cordon Kudaldy. Stop for the night about cordon Kudaldy. About 30 km.

12 day

See map 16. You go for the mouth of the river Shumilikhi for about 4 km then on the left side of the river Shumilikha by steep ascent in pine forest.

On your way you can to have a rest in two hunting huts, see wonderful views till the Alpine Meadows, see 3 mountain lakes; there are a lot of waterfalls - all that it will take you about 11-12 hours. Stop for the night about mouth of the river Shumilikha. About 4 km.

13 day

You trek by the shore and cross the river Bolshaya Cheremshanaya with catamaran. Stop for the night about the river Bolshaya Cheremshanaya, in the right side of the river. About 20 km.

14 day

See the maps 15, 16, 21. Here is not path till the river Malaya Cheremshanaya - you move till it on catamaran (about 8 km, see the map 21), even the path from river Malaya Cheremshanaya goes along the brook Medvezhy and is lost in the wind-fallen trees; again descent to the shore of Lake Baikal. Again the places very pressed, then ascent to the steep slope; descent in a broad valley of the river Kedrovaya, to it 2 km there is hunting hut. From here there is no path! - it only appears for several kilometers for the village Chivyrkusky, that is why you are to move on the catamaran! - about 11 km. Stop for the night about the village Chivyrkusky. About 28 km. Distance from Nizhneangarsk is about 290 km.

15-16 day

You explore the Chivurkuy Bay, one of the best in Lake Baikal - it is about 75 km around; you can use map N 21. It is better to use catamaran and to reach Lake Arangatuy - from this only 15 km is left till Ust-Barguzin! About 50 km. Distance from Nizhneangarsk by catamaran is about 340 km.

Or (if fuel you have) you can reach Verknee Izgolovye then move on catamaran till the Nizhnee Izgolovye; you finish tour journey in the settlement Ust-Barguzin (120 km). About 195 km. Distance from Nizhneangarsk is about 490 km.


1. I work out about new tour but it must be two groups moving to Ust-Barguzin, the number of tourist must be enough to use my catamarans!

If first group comes with one catamaran so the second group coming to Ust-Barguzin must be no more than 5 clients!!!

If the first group comes to Ust-Barguzin with 2 catamarans so in this case the second group coming to Ust-Barguzin must be no more than 10 clients!!! Is it clear? - is it possible to have two groups?

It is only the project but I think that tour very interesting, I must carefully to look for the guide and for driver-cook (service team).

2. It is necessary to have two equal by the number of tourists, first group comes from Nizhneangarsk to Ust-Barguzin then the second group goes from Ust-Barguzin to Nizhneangarsk.

You may be the the whole family (take your children or mother and father). Having with you only photograph camera or video camera! All your luggage will be moving by horse, on the river by catamarans and on Lake Baikal by catamarans also, driver (he is also a cook) will help you to prepare the food. You shall have a life-belt.

3. You shall follow your route on the map in Russian album of maps around lake Baikal: "Pribaikalie", scale in one sm two km.

You can get this album (book) from me. We can stop in lake Arangatuy - from there is only 15 km to Ust-Barguzin!

4. You are to have your personal gear: tents, rugs, sleeping bags, bedding.

5. Optimum dates are for 2 groups: from 10 June till 25 June and back from 27 June till 12 July; may be once more we send from Nizhneangarsk on 14 July till 30 July and back from 1 August till the 16 August (I have something from 16 August for rafting in the Tompuda with all my catamarans with Chekhs) - it is very difficult to find catamarans in our town.

   Groups on
   catamarans: 2 pax,     3 pax,    4 pax,     5 pax,

   team:          1 guide + 1 cook (driver)

   Price per
   person:     $1490      $1082     $871       $750

   Groups on
   catamarans:   6 pax,  7 pax,  8 pax,  9 pax,  10 pax

   Service team:  1 guide + 2 cooks (drivers)
   Price per
   person:       $905     $801   $729    $675    $641

Prices include all services: food, transportation, commission for tour operator (10%) and travel agency (10%).

Prices don't include your personal gear: tents, rugs, sleeping bags, bedding.

5. The optional number of tourists - is from 4 till 10 people!!!


You should always keep close to the shore when you paddle (you move from the shore of Lake Baikal at a distance of 10 meters); if there would be sudden wind - you must have enough time to drag the catamarans on the shore!

Fredrik from Sweden on 8.09.2002 (e-mail: ---@telia.com):

> will there be meny mosquitos on these tours, thats something
> to try to awoid, from some of my stay in russia i know
> they can ruin your vacation.

I recommend for defence from mosquitos to use protect gauze. Also it is absolutely necessary to follow instructions of Patricia Ormsby (Japan) to protect you from bites of tic; see her article on encephalitis (on my website).



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