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Ski tour SKI-I-II

Read "Surviving Siberia"

"Hunting trails of Barguzin Range": Severobaikalsk - Angoya station (train) - river Upper Angara - river Svetlya - river Ilokaluy - hunting huts - river Svetlya - river Upper Angara - river Dzelinda (hot springs) - Severobaikalsk (train).


1 d - Arrival to Severobaikalsk, accommodation in home-stay.

2-3 d - Transfer to the station Angoya, train 5204 Sevrobaikalsk - Uoyan, departure 6-15 local time. You take the skis. You are moving on river river Upper Angara than on river Svetlya. Stop for night. Look map 4 in the album "PRIBAIKALYE", scale 1:200 000. There you can meet the hunting huts on 9-th km on the river Svetlya and then you will meet them every 5-6 km.

4-9 d - river Ilokaluy, you are in hunting huts of Victor Kuznetsov.

10-11 d - You came to back, you are moving on the river Upper Angara than you arrive till river Dzelinda hot springs; swim. You take the train 5203 Uoyan - Sevrobaikalsk, arraval at 22-05; accommodation in home-stay.

12 d - People are free from the tour, they can rest or go outside.

Price for one person, depends of quantity of people:

1) 1 pax in hunting hut - $977
2) 2 pax in hunting hut - $599
3) 3 pax in hunting hut - $472
4) I. 3 pax in hunting hut - $387
II. 2 pax in a tent - $366
5) I. 3 pax in hunting hut - $366
II. 3 pax in a tent - $545
6) I. 3 pax in hunting hut - $351
II. 4 pax in a tent - $497
7) I. 3 pax in hunting hut - $330
II. 5 pax in a tent - $465
8) I. 3 pax in hunting hut - $331
II. 2 pax in a tent - $444

Price includes: food, transportation (during the expedition all members have load), skis, tent, rugs, winter slipping bags, all equipment for preparing food, heating the tent during the sleep, accommodation in the town (2 nights), service of the guides.

Price don't include footwear, we recommend warm footwear and very suitable! Price don't include mask on the face, glasses for protection from the sun and other things from warm cloth.

Prepare yourself and your equipment for extreme winter (until - 30 degrees) camping.

For safety measures it would be good to take a satellite phone and a extra one with enough batteries and it is possible to phone anywhere and anytime. It would be good to have also instrument GPS.


  1. Routes made by train 220 km, more on skis - 140 km.
  2. Dates: 15.02, 26.02, 8.03, 19.03, 1.04, 11.04.



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