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Rafting on the river Vitim from the settlement Romanovka till BAM Railway Bridge.

1 d. - you fly to Ulan-Ude from Nizhneangarsk at even day, then you take railway route till Chita. Train 250 on even days, departure at 14-24 (Moscow time)

2-6 d. - and arrive to Chita at 0-27 (Moscow time), you are moving by bus to Romanovka settlement. Begin rafting; and reach the village Krasny Jar on the left side of Vitim river (176km).

7-12 d. - you reach the village Ust-Karenga on the left side of Vitim river (160km), it is on the river Karenga (left tributary). Rest day.

13-15 d. - you reach the village Kalakan on the left side of Vitim river (112km), it is on the river Kalakan (left tributary).

15-17 d. - The first 18 km after meeting with river Tsypa river Vitim flows surrounding with high forest hills, they are coming close to the river. There difficult to find place fro staying. After the exit of the river into the hollow flowing of the river becomes quicker; in river-bed there are stone shallows, shoals, Islands. You reach the village Bambuika on the right side of Vitim river (140km), it is on the river Bambuika (right tributary).

18-19 d. - After 10 km river Vitim enters into mountains of Uzhno-Muysky Khebret which crosses the river at 50 km. Flowing here is quicker than in a valley. Passing requires capability to move across the waves.

Bridge over Vitim is seen after right curve; your rafting route is all together 652 km!

At 14-00 you must catch the working train from passing-track Shivery to Taksimo station; you fetch the train 955 Chara - Severobaikalsk here at 17-15 (Moscow time).

20 d. - You arrive to Severobaikalsk at 8-28 (local time).


1. You shall follow your route by a guide, the rafting part is about 650 km! You shall have a life-belt.

2. Optimum dates are: 30 June, 24 July

Groups:           1 p.,  2 p.,  3 p., 4 p., 5 p., 6 p.,
Price per person: $1902, $1103, $857, $724, $643, $744, 

Groups:          7 p., 8 p., 9 p., 10 p., 11 pax
Price per person: $630, $597, $566, $546, $525

Prices include all services: transportation, meals, guide, commission for tour operator and travel agency.

Prices don't include your personal gear: tents, rugs, sleeping bags, bedding.

Also you prepare your food; it is good to have your own gas-stove and gas-cylinder (or benzine stove and benzine), and kitchen utensils. You also to have a fishing-tackle if you are fisherman!

Fredrik from Sweden on 8.09.2002 (e-mail: ---@telia.com):

> will there be meny mosquitos on these tours, thats something
> to try to awoid, from some of my stay in russia i know
> they can ruin your vacation.

I recommend for defence from mosquitos to use protect gauze. Also it is absolutely necessary to follow instructions of Patricia Ormsby (Japan) to protect you from bites of tic; see her article on encephalitis.



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