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I am telling about rafting on the river Verkhyaya Angara. Easy rapids with small waves, clear passages, some rapids of moderate difficulty, maneuvering necessary - all these for I-II Classes for rafting.

Route: Severobaikalsk - station Kukhelbekkerskya, train goes 7 hours. 500 - 700 m. from station Kukhelbekkerskya till r. V. Angara. Departure of the train 622 "Severobaikalsk - Novaya Chara" is on 13 h. - 15 min. (Moscow time). The length of navigable river V. Angara is ended in village Uoyan, it is 214 km from lake Baikal.

Till the beginning of r. V. Angara about 100 km is left from station Kukhelbekkerskya, now we are rafting down 120 - 130 km.

All the route is in the forest, there are not villages; it is necessary to protect against mosquitoes and other bloodsucking insects ..., from tick encephalitis!

River V.Angara is ideal for rafting families. Rafting part is 120 - 130 km, participants of rafting get skill of moving on not dangerous rapids, eat a fish, get a sunburn. They use: 4-person catamaran, boat for 3 people. Much better to have families with children up 8 years.

1 d. - group arrives by train on the station Kukhelbekkerskya, you go on foot till the r. V. Angara.

2 d. - breakfast, get familiarity with environment. It is possible to climb to some mountains and admire the scenery of valley river V. Angara. After the dinner it is possible to begin rafting and 3 - 4 hours till the mouth of the river Yanchukan, there you can fish. River on this section is bright (smart), there is no rapids. From the fish biting well is grayling. To lovers of fishing it is necessary to have spinning rod and artificial (man-made) flays for the grayling catching and spoon-baits for catching other type of fish.

3 d. - time for getting up, daily morning physical exercises, swimming, morning fishing, breakfast. In environment it is possible regale oneself with berries of great bilberries, black currents. It depends from time of rafting; in end of August bilberries, black currents are ripe. Rafting down till the mouth of the river Churo is 5-6 hours. Current of the river is smoothness, no rapids. In the mouth of the river Yanchucan (left tributary of the river V. Angara) it is possible to have a dinner. Beautiful beach, fishing on "korablik" (or "toy-ship"), grayling is biting. In the August on the shore a ripe bird cherry. Till the end of the day group reaches the river Churo (right tributary of the river V. Angara).

4 d. - time for getting up, daily morning physical exercises, swimming, breakfast. It is magnificent fishing on the river Churo. Particular lovers of fishing are to be up current of the river Churo for 8-10 km - beautiful pits: grayling is biting and other fish!

5 d. - rafting down the current till the river Gonkuli (left tributary of the river V. Angara). All day on shore splendid beaches, for dinner it is possible to stay in any place. Fishing: it is beginning to bite pike, ide, perch. Stop for the night in the mouth of the river Gonkuli (left tributary of the river V. Angara) or not reaching it on any beaches.

6 d. - a very good view of Verkhneangarsky Khrebet. Rafiting down the bridge across river V. Angara. On shore again magnificent beaches. Big pikes. If you stay early in the morning you will have enough time to get into the train in station Novy Uoyan and reach Severobaikalsk.

It is necessary to take personal gear: tents, rugs, sleeping bags, bedding.

Optimum dates are: June - till the middle of August.

Groups:           1 p., 2 p., 3 p., 4 p., 5 p., 6 p., 
Price per person: $462, $272, $204, $176, $157, $174, 

Groups:           7 p., 8 p., 9 p., 10 p., 11 pax
Price per person: $160, $151, $143, $137, $132
Prices include all services: transportation, meals, guide, commission for tour operator and travel agency.

Prices don't include your personal gear: tents, rugs, sleeping bags, bedding.



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