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Horseback Riding,
Rafting, Trekking.

Riding tour Kumora - Ulunkhan
(8 days, 175 km) and rafting
tour Ulunkhan - Ust-Barguzin
(5 days, 270 km), trekking
tour on the shore of Lake
Baikal (16 days, 430 km).

Here is a detailed outline of the tour that I would propose.

Meeting: City of Severobaikakalsk on BAM Railway line.

Starting Point: Kumora village Trip Length 8 days - 7 nights - 7 days riding, there is no other way of crossing 175 km between two points: village Kumora - village Ulunkhan!

It is roadless Siberia! Fish in crystal clear mountain streams and rivers. Imagine riding for a week crossing creeks and rivers with a background of majestic snowy peaks. Riders have a chance to enjoy the total experience, the birds, flowers, wildlife, camping, riding, and solitude.

There must be two groups moving to meet in the village Ulunkhan! (THAT WILL MAKE THE TOUR LESS EXPENSIVE):

Estimated price range for the 1-month tour starting in Kumora: from $4,224 for 2 people up to $12,880 for 10 people The price for the second group going from Ulunkhan to Kumora is not yet known, as there is a wide range of activities possible.

Departure Dates (groups moving from BAM Railway to Ulunkhan): 15 May, 16 June, 17 July, 18 August - I am going to make big tour about a month!

Departure Dates (groups moving from the village Ulunkhan to BAM Railway): 23 May, 24 June, 25 July, 26 August - they will have another programme in the village Kumora and Severobaikalsk.

Riders: Minimum 2, Maximum 10 (there must be agreement between the groups meeting in the village Ulunkhan 23 May, 24 June, 25 July, 26 August - groups must be equal in quantity).

Level: B+ Suitable even for beginning riders since the pace rarely goes beyond the walk, and since there will be resting days along the way. The horses will be of Mongolian breed, surefooted, and very willing. Pack horses will carry all material.

Tack: Trekking saddles

Pace: Slow - walk only due to terrain

  • A one-month Russian tourist visa would cover the length of the trip; for more information on obtaining visas, please see http://www.visatorussia.com.
  • Here are the lowest round-trip fares for various cities to Irkutsk, as quoted by Travelocity.com.

    Los Angeles - $819

    New York - $701

    Chicago - $801

    London - $702

    All these flights are on Aeroflot.

  • For more information about the Baikal area and my services, please see my website, http://www.gobaikal.com. This site is in English - I made it only a year ago; there is not much on it about horseback riding tours but we have a great potential! for that.

1 d. - Railway train from Severobaikalsk at 6-30 till the station Novy Uoyan then you go by lorry to the Kumora village.

2 d. - familiarization with the horses, start riding; you can use map N 4 (see note N 2, it is "Pribaikalie" album).

3-8 d. - riding till the village Ulunkhan about 175 km, forest, uninhabited area - you never meet a man, crossing of the rivers, magic mountain appears in the horizon, beautiful landscape.

9 d. - About 270 km of the river Barguzin from Ulunkhan till the Lake Baikal. Fill two 20 litre jerrycans; it is enough for moving from Ulunkhan till the Ust-Barguzin settlement - it is 40 litres for one inflatable catamaran! Rafting begins, 30 km you can visit hot springs at Alla settlement. You stop at the village Sakuly - it is 80 km.

10 d. - You stop at the village Hilgana - it is 80 km.

11 d. - You reach the settlement Barguzin - it is 55 km, the river from this is navigable.

12 d. - You reach the village Adamovo - it is 30 km, you can use map N 22.

13 d. - You reach the settlement Ust-Barguzin, here you end rafting; you came to the Lake Baikal, you can use map N 35.

14 d. - It is possible to find fuel, and fill seven 20 litre jerrycans; it is enough for moving from Ust-Barguzin till the Nizhneangarsk settlement - it is 140 litres for one inflatable catamaran! You can reach Niznee Izgolovye of the peninsular "Svyatoy Nos" - it is 30 km, you can use maps N 35, 34.

15 d. - Your reach the Verknee Izgolovye - it is 60 km; you can use maps N 21, 21.

16-17 d. - You explore the Chivurkuy Bay, one of the best in Lake Baikal - it is about 75 km; you reach the village Chiverkuy, you can use map N 21.

18 d. - You reach Sosnovka Bay - it is about 50 km, you can use map N 16.

19 d. - You reach the village Davsha (25 km) - it is centre of Barguzin Nature Preserve. You can visit the museum of Nature, you can use map N 16.

20 d. - You reach the river Kabanya - it is about 35 km, you can use map N 12. From here you can go trekking till the end!

21 d. - you reach the brook (6 km from hut in river Kabanya, then you hike to the lake "Losinaya", about 4 km; see the map 12).

22 d. - you reach the river "Urbikan", hut is shown on the map 12; 18 km.

23 d. - you reach the river Shegnanda, there is farm of Strogovs; there you can ask for additional payment to prepare Russian Bath, there also you can buy a fresh milk! 22 km, you can use map N 12.

24 d. - you reach meteorological station Tompa, 2 houses; 22 km, you can use map N 8.

25 d. - you reach sanatorium Khakusy (hot springs), you can swim here for additional payment; 25 km, you can use map N 8.

26 d. - you reach the Ayaya Bay, here you can go for hike to the Frolikha Lake (it is about 9 km one way); 20 km by water.

27 d. - you reach the Cape Erekshakan, 18 km; you can use map N 2.

28 d. - you reach the huts near the channel Angarakanchik, 18 km; you can use map N 2.

29 d. - you reach the life-saving station of Nizhneangarsk settlement, here you phone on the telephone: 21560 or 3-6229 for help in a car to fetch for Severobaikalsk. 20 km, you can use map N 2.


1. You may be the the whole family (take your children or mother and father). Having with you only photograph camera or video camera! All your luggage will be moving by horse, on the river by catamarans and on Lake Baikal by catamarans also, driver (he is also a cook) will help you to prepare the food. You shall have a life-belt.

2. You shall follow your route on the map in Russian album of maps around lake Baikal: "Pribaikalie", scale in one sm two km. You can get this album (book) from me.

3. You are to have your personal gear: tents, rugs, sleeping bags, bedding.

4. Optimum dates are: 15 May, 16 June, 17 July, 18 August

   Groups on
   catamarans: 2 pax,     3 pax,    4 pax,     5 pax,

   team:                  1 guide
          1 horseman, 1 horseman,   2 horseman, 2 horseman

   Price per
   person:     $2112      $1633     $1384      $1376

   Groups on
   catamarans:   6 pax,  7 pax,  8 pax,  9 pax,  10 pax

   Service team:            2 guides, 2 horseman
   Price per
   person:       $1645   $1516   $1423   $1348   $1288
Prices include all services: food, transportation, commission for tour operator (10%) and travel agency (10%).

Prices don't include your personal gear: tents, rugs, sleeping bags, bedding.


You should always keep close to the shore when you paddle (you move from the shore of Lake Baikal at a distance of 10 meters); if there would be sudden wind - you must have enough time to drag the catamarans on the shore!

Fredrik from Sweden on 8.09.2002 (e-mail: ---@telia.com):
> will there be meny mosquitos on these tours, thats something
> to try to awoid, from some of my stay in russia i know
> they can ruin your vacation.

I recommend for defence from mosquitos to use protect gauze. Also it is absolutely necessary to follow instructions of Patricia Ormsby (Japan) to protect you from bites of tic; see her article on encephalitis (on my website).



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