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Tour BTR-1

Trekking on eastern part of Lake Baikal. Severobaikalsk - Ayaya Bay - Lake Frolikha - river Left Frolikha - river Tompuda - river Topo. Rafting on river Tompuda till Lake Baikal.

I prepared the trekking tour and rafting tour for 9 days.

I tell you about reindeers living very close to Lake Baikal. We had in comission for tour operator and travel agency. 1974 about 1000 heads in Tompa on the shore of Baikal but when BAM builders came all herd was destroyed to 1976!

Only in 1992 were made the first steps for restoration of the herd of reindeers. But it turned out very difficult affair! Many Evenks tried but without success. Only Evenk Chernoev Youri began with 30 heads which he bought in Nerungri region (1000km to the east) in 1992 and his family has now 420 heads!

For the first time in history (!) we discussed the problem of drawing reindeers to tourism matters ... . I had an idea of hiking with packstock.

Youri Chernoev said that every reindeer-team driver can attend 5-6 reindeers; it was possible to cover 15 km/day, it was possible to pack on each reindeer 20-30 kg.

It is necessary to check the path: it must be about 1 meter width; to check the path must 2-3 men with reindeers; among people checking the path must be also future guides. That work must be done in May and June 2002 year. The path was not used many years; there is much of bushes and trees!

Splendid fishing on the whole route; beautiful places for swimming; there is abundance of berris: whortle-berry-bush, bog whortle-berry, red whortle-berry.

Group must have an experience of trekking. Route is very complicated, it goes on not inhabited area; there is 40-50km not good path. Total length about 130km.

Group must have an equipment for laying river crossing or have a small rubber boat for river crossing, carring capacity 2 men; it would be very useful on taymen fishing. You will have a guide and reindeer-team drivers.

Reindeers open a new page in easteren part of coastline. For the summer trekking tours hiking with packstock is attractive!!! You can handle only small luggage.

1 d. - 9-00 from Severobaikalsk to Ayaya Bay, boat go in 3 hours. Rest, preparing for the trekking. You go on trekking Ayaya Bay - lake Frolikha. 15km. Camp for night in the middle of the Frolikha lake. Swimming, fishing.

2 d. - 16km. Along lake Frolikha to mouth of the river Left Frolikha. Practically no path; 3-4km swampy waterside with thick bushes. Press to the mountain for one km, large stones. There is excellent sandy beach in the mouth of the river Left Frolikha, fishing. Moving up the river Left Frolikha, on the left bank, there is good path. Camp for night in mouth of source Dochildym; there is winter hut for 3-4 men; there is abundance of whortle-berry-bush, fishing.

3 d. - 14km. Moving up the river Left Frolikha, on the left bank. There is a path, not good everywhere. Approach to the passing. Reach the lake Uokinda. Beautiful lake, clean and handsome; there is fish grayling; swimming, but the water is cold. You begin go round the lake on the right side. Camp for night.

4 d. - 12km. There is hauling down along the source Tykma on the right side. Steep hauling down along big stones about 400 metres. The river Tompuda; on fisher-man's pit called "aquarium"; big grayling swimming like in a "aquarium"; good view in the water. Croosing the river Tompuda. Moving down the river on the left bank. The path losed sometimes but she is. Camp for night on the second big tributary in 12km from river Topo.

5 d. - 12km. Moving down the river on the left bank. In the mouth of the river Topo there is winter hut, you can use it when you are catched bad weather. Excellent fishing in pits; if there is an ability - you can catch a taymen!

6 d. - Rest day. Preparing for rafting.

7 d. - There is no dangerous rapids after junction of these rivers but it is necessary always to be over-cautious; speed of the water is 10-12km/hour. Rafting begins, there is 50km till Baikal Lake .

8 d. - River Sogdennaya. There are winter hut, Russian baths; pits where always bites excellent grayling! You can stay near "pit of taymen" at dinner time. There are living specimens of taymen till 30kg.

9 d. - Going out to Lake Baikal. Boat will take you to Severobaikalsk.

Optimum dates are (tour begins): 17 June, 1 July, 15 July, 26 July, 12 August, 26 August.

Groups:            4 pax, 6 pax, 8 pax, 10 pax, 12 pax.
Service team:      dr+g,  dr2+g, dr2+g, dr3+g,  dr3+g
Price per person:  $485,  $465,  $380,  $390,   $350

Prices include all services: transportation, meals, reindeer-team drivers, guide, comission for tour operator and travel agency.

Prices don't include your personal gear: tents, rugs, sleeping bags, bedding.



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