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"On the wilderness path of North-West Shore Line of lake Baikal".

You are trekking/just moving all the way from Nizhneangarsk till settlement Khuzhir on the Island Olkhon. Duration is 13 days/12 nights. Up till 10-12 tourists, you move by inflatable catamarans with outboard motor Mercury 3.3 h/p., speed 8-10 km/h. Dates: 10.06-22.06 (first group) and back 24.06-6.07 (second group), 8.07-20.07 (third group) and back 22.07-3.08 (forth group), 5.08-17.08 (fifth group) and back 19.08-31.08 (sixth group). We send 2 catamarans (they are 6 meters long) on the North-West Shore Line of lake Baikal, the distance is about 480 km, they are run for the first time!!! Price 595 USD per person. Your commission is 15%.

On photo is usual inflatable catamaran with the 5 meter containers. You can see sea kayak which is laying on the catamaran, on the left you see outboard motor Mercury 3.3 h.p. (covered with something). On the left there is oar. And safe belt. This motor is capable to move more than one ton ... for many kilometers! There is our guide Vladimir Almashi. It is somewhere near Sludyanskie lakes, 30 km from Severobaikalsk on the North-West coastline of lake Baikal.



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