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Severobaikalsk - Baikalskoe village by car then to Elohin Cape by catamaran with outboard, paddling 9 days on catamaran or trekking from Elohin Cape till Baikalskoe village (120 km); to Severobaikalsk by a car.
1 d. - you go to Baikalskoe in a car, then move on to Cape Elohin on catamaran with outboard.

2 d. - you reach Cape Bolshoy Cheremshany (10 km).

3 d. - you reach Cape Malaya Kosa (13 km).

4 d. - you reach Guba Bolshaya Kosa (13 km); size of a small lake about 400 metre may be seen.

5 d. - you reach Cape Kovrizka (14 km), size of a small lake about 800 metre may be seen.

6 d. - you reach Guba Bolsoday (Bargunda) (8 km), rest day.

7 d. - you reach Kurkula river (13 km).

8 d. - you reach Cape Kotelnikovsky (hot springs, 9 km) and you reach IIiyskaja guba (4 km, hut may be seen). From this place it is impossible to go on shore, that is why you move till Baikalskoe village in catamaran.

9 d. - you reach the Cape Krasny Jar, river Guilga (11 km).

10 d. - you reach Baikalskoe village (17 km). Return by a car to Severobaikalsk.


1. You may be the the whole family (take your children or mother and father). You can paddle from 1 day till 9 day or you trekking for 7 days having with you only photograph camera or video camera! All your luggage will be moving by sea, driver (he is also a cook) will help you to prepare the food. You shall have a life-belt.

2. You shall follow your route on the map in English "Across The North-West Baikal Area"! You can get this map from me.

3. You are to have your personal gear: tents, rugs, sleeping bags, bedding.

Fredrik from Sweden on 8.09.2002 (e-mail: ---@telia.com):

> will there be meny mosquitos on these tours, thats something
> to try to awoid, from some of my stay in russia i know
> they can
> ruin your vacation.

I recommend for defence from mosquitos to use protect gauze. Also it is absolutely necessary to follow instructions of Patricia Ormsby (Japan) to protect you from bites of tic; see her article on encephalitis.

4. Optimum dates are (tour begins, rather safe!): 30 May, 10 June, 25 June, 10 July, 25 July, 10 August.

    Groups on
    catamarans: 1 pax, 2 pax, 3 pax, 4 pax, 5 pax, 6 pax,

    Price per
    person:     $1141  $626   $454   $383   $328   $365

    Groups on
    catamarans: 7 pax, 8 pax, 9 pax, 10 pax, 11 pax

    Price per
    person:     $328   $308  $286    $269    $254

Prices include all services: food, transportation, commission for tour operator and travel agency.

Prices don't include your personal gear: tents, rugs, sleeping bags, bedding.

5. I am looking for cheap travel trips in Lake Baikal in order to increase number of clients; you could order the trip of any length (days)!


You always keep close to the shore when you paddle (you move from the shore at a distance of 10 meters); if there would be sudden wind - you must have enough time to drag the catamaran on the shore!



Click to enlarge. Photo by Jorge Ferreira.
Click to enlarge. Photo by Jorge Ferreira.
Click to enlarge. Photo by Jorge Ferreira.
Click to enlarge. Photo by Jorge Ferreira.

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