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Severobaikalsk - Ayaya Bay - Khakusy Bay - village Davsha (Barguzin Preserve) - Chevurkuy Bay - day of exursion to Ulan-Ude (Ivolginsky datsan) in car - Olkhon Island - village Onguren - Pokoiniki Cape (Baikalo-Lensky Preserve) - Bay Zavorotny - Elohin Cape - Kotelnikovsky Cape - Severobaikalsk.

Cruise for 17 days (from Severobaikalsk by eastern side to Chivurkuy Bay then through Olkhon Island by western side returning to Severobaikalsk). And 8 times you can visit "RUSSIAN BATH HOUSE" with hot water if you wish, it is rather simple - only you are to remember that someone must prepare the bath.

1 d. - you move along the Ayaya Bay (40km), go on hiking 8km to small lake Frolikha - protected area.

2 d. - you move Khakusy Bay - protected area (15km), hot springs then move to move till Turaly Cape (10km), you move to Tompa, river Tompuda (20km) and you move to Shegnanda Evenk House (17km) - all cover 62km. RUSSIAN BATH HOUSE is done for additional payment.

3 d. - you move to Bolshaya river, you move to Davsha - it is Barguzin Preserve (70km), visit Museum of Nature. RUSSIAN BATH HOUSE is done for additional payment.

4 d. - you move to cordon Kudaldy (24km), you move to the village Chivyrkuy - it is National Park (45km), RUSSIAN BATH HOUSE is done for additional payment. Hot springs at Snake Bay, you move to Verkhee Izgolove Cape (30km) - all cover 99km.

5 d. - you move to Ushkany Islands - protected area (40 km), then moving to Yst-Baguzin (70 km) - all cover 110km. RUSSIAN BATH HOUSE is done for additional payment.

6 d. - trip to Ulan-Ude, visit to Ivolginsky datsan (you pay additionally). RUSSIAN BATH HOUSE in the evening is done for additional payment in Yst-Barguzin.

7 d. - you move to to Uzhury on Olkhon Island - National Park (80km).

8 d. - you move to Khuzhir (58km) on the Olkhon Island, visit school museum, sightseeing. RUSSIAN BATH HOUSE is done for additional payment.

9 d. - you move to village Zama (30km), then to village Onguren (20km) - and you move to the village Kocherikova (16km). RUSSIAN BATH HOUSE is done for additional payment. All cover 66km.

10 d. - you move to Cape Pokoniki - it is Baikalo-Lensky Preserve (50km). Trekking begins.

11-13 d. - trekking 3 days in the forests of Baikalo-Lensky Preserve. Route from Cape Pokoiniki through pass "Solnepad" up to river Lena. Alpine Meadows, lakes. Visit about river-head Lena Chapel. The Chapel was erected in 1997. On shore of a small lake. You return to lake Baikal through the pass Shartli with its charming landscapes. All nights in huts. All route about 50 km, it is possible to take a guide in Pokoiniki.

14 d. - you move to to Bay Zavorotny (50 km) then you move to Elohin Cape (30 km), meeting with a forester of Baikalo-Lensky Preserve in his house, rest. RUSSIAN BATH HOUSE is done for additional payment. All cover 80 km.

15-16 d. - you move to Kotelnikovsky Cape (80km), hot springs, rest.

17 d. - you move to the village Baikalskoe (40km). Visit to the village. You covered about 900 km of Lake Baikal coastline!

Optimum dates are: 10 June - till the end of August.

Groups:            4 pax, 6 pax, 8 pax.
Price per person:  $2173, $1568,  $1247

Prices include all services: transportation, meals, translator from Russia into English, commission for tour operator and travel agency.

Prices don't include your personal gear: tents, rugs, sleeping bags, bedding. Warm cloth - like fur coats - are necessary when you are on cruise (you can rent it in the Severobaikalsk).



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