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Severobaikalsk - Khakusy Bay - Kotelnikovsky Cape - Bolshaya Kosa - Cape Elohin - Cape Pokoiniki - Island Olkhon - Tashkai Bay - Gremyachinsky settlement.
1 day.
8-05 Transfer from train to the boat "Ermak"
9-00 Breakfast in cafe in Severobaikalsk.
10-00 Go on excursion to old Russian village Baikalskoe (40km)
14-00 Start cruise. Go to Khakusy Cape by boat (55km). From this moment you sleep and have meals on the boat.
17-30 Arrival to Khakusy. Swimming in the hot springs. Rest.
Total on boat: 55km.

2 day.
7-00 Start moving.
10-30 arrival to Kotelnikovsky Cape (60km). Hot springs - you swimming. The water is +71, but BAM builders made a cottage for 20 peoples in 1990, they made hydropathic (establishment). Swimming pool about 5 x 10 meters and depth of 1 metre is outside, they have built in (closed in) another swimming pool of 2 x 10 meters and depth of 0,5 metre.
18-00 Start moving to Bolshaya Kosa (40km). Rest.
Total on boat: 100km.

3 day.
8-00 Start moving till Cape Elohin (40km). Arriving at 10-30. There begins Baikalo-Lensky Preserve, meeting with a forester - see his home.
14-30 Start moving till Cape Zavorotny (45km). Arriving at 17-00.
20-00 Start moving till Cape Pokoiniki (35km). Arriving at 22-00. And here you will visit Mr. Sergey Shaburov - 10 years he spent his service in Baikalo-Lensky Preserve. Rest on Cape Pokoiniki.
Total on the boat: 120 km (7 hours).

4 day.
8-00 Start moving to the Ushkany Islands (40km). Arriving at 10-30. (I was told that visits of tourists to the Islands is prohibited - YOU KEEP 3 KM DISTANCE FROM THE ISLANDS. You begin the exploration of Ushkany Islands, IF THAT IS POSSIBLE - ask Sergey Shaburov! Rest day, you can hike on the Islands, the possibility to see nerpa, the Islands are not populated - you and nature alone). Spend there 4 hours
14-30. You move to the village Kocherikova (60km), arriving at 18-00. Walk there for about 3 hours.
21-00 Start moving to the village Onguren (20km). Rest.
Total on the boat: 120 km (7 hours).

5 day.
8-00 You begin the movement to the village Khuzir on Olkhon Island (53km). Arrival at 11-30. You go to the Museum of local lore and look at the village Khuzir.
20-00 Move to the south of Olkhon Island at Tashkai Bay (43km), arrival at 23 hours.
Total on the boat: 96 km (6 hours).

6 day.
8-00 Begin moving to the Cape Peschaniy (you cross the Baikal lake - 80km). Arrival at 13-00. There you can go by foot to the lake Kotokelskoe (about 3km), swim in the Kotokelskoe lake in Yarki Bay. Return to the boat.
20-00 Start moving to Gremyachinsk settlement (15 km). Arrival at 21-00. Spent the last night.
Total on the boat: 95km (6 hours).

Period: End of June - Beginning of September
Groups: ---------------------------- 4 pax, 6 pax, 8 pax
Price per person (only for cruise):  $984,  $694,  $549
Prices include all services: transportation, cook and meals, guide, English speaking interpreter, comission for tour operator and travel agency.

Total about 600km on water.



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