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Protection from ticks

In the miniencyclopedia "Around Baikal", the issuie of 2001, is written:

"Actually, sitting on a grass or bush growing along roads and tracks, ticks clutch to clothes of a passing person. Then they move to free parts of a body, more often on a spin, neck, hair,inguinal areas and areas of arm-pits, where skin is more tender. A tick drills skin with sharp proboscis and drinks blood, then various diseases such as a fever Q can be transmitted to a person, tularemia, Laima illness and most dangerous - vernal encephalitis.

Most effective means of preventive maintenance is a vaccination against vernal encephalitis, which are necessary being made beforehand, in November - March, not less than 44 days prior to date of departure. The vaccination do not guarantee full protection against contamination by an encephalitis, but considerably easy weep of illness.

Safety precautions:

For obtaining vaccination it is necessary to have: the policy mandatory of medical insurances, certificate about contraindications, passport. 1st vaccination is made 44 days before, 2nd 1is made 14 days prior to departing in a place of the locus.

During travel in forest it is necessary to conduct self-inspections, and even better inspections one another (as it is possible more often, since active tick can stick through 15 min). Specially you have to examine attentevely skin on a head, behind ears, arm-pits, inguinal area, neck .

It's necessary to bivouac far from trees and bush on solar and cleared from a dry grass and windfallen trees place.

If a tick have stuck, it is necessary to lubricate with an oil, fat, kerosene or cover with open port of a vial with water on 10-15 minutes, to shut windpipe of the tick, wait while he will choke, after that extract it by cautious swinging motion from a body. It is not recommended intensively cauterize it with eau-de-Cologne or alcohol, it can result in destruction and desiccation of the tick, that will complicate its deleting.

Having skills, it is possible to eliminate tick with thread, having made a closed loop and expanding threads in the different sites. Then swing tick with sluggish motions and drag. A wound is treated by Iodum or alcohol. Hands are washed with soap.

For scaring away of tongs it is recommended to use anti-tick pencil and creams, such as "Deta", which are put on a tissue of trousers below knees and around of a thoracal cage".



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